Dogs or cats

14 Apr

Pets lots of people have them. I have a dog named Bonzo(German Rottweiler) and a cat named Mittens(a trailer park kitten with an extra toe on her paws).


Bonzo and Mittens chilling



BONZO on balacony on guard duty

Bonzo is treated just like a member of our family. I love coming home and cuddling with him and getting kisses from him. I hate leaving him alone when I gotta work all day. I’d. Say he’s definitely daddys boy, but we have our own relationship. For instance when Im in the kitchen hes right there with me. No doubt wanting food, but nevertheless. He loves his veggies and fruits. 🙂
Mittens is my cat and she’s definitely weird. Probably from inbreeding…lol. She sleeps on my pillow above my head at night. She comes out for attention when she wants it. She’s nice to cuddle with somtimes.
Bonzo and Mittens mostly get along. They have a love hate love relationship.  You can catch them napping close by each other. He loves to lick her (give kisses) and she deals with it for a bit.
Pets give you love and companionship that no human can. They need us and yet they don’t. My Bonzo is everything to me and my hubby. I guess we feel the same about Mittens…lol


Why I run

11 Apr

People always ask me why I run. Its a thought I ponder from time to time. When I run I feel free. It’s just me, myself, and I. I’m in control and I set the tone. Perhaps I should back up and start at the beginning. I never was an athlete as a child and didn’t play sports. A few years ago I started running just as a form of cardio for working out. A mile or two before my work out led to a whole new world. I remember my first 5k Komen race for the cure. I was so nervous, but my hubby was there supporting my and taking pictures. Then I did another 5k, 10k and a full marathon(Detroit Free Press). My parents drove 7 hrs to see me run. It was such an amazing feeling when I crossed that finish line. No I wasn’t first, but I did it, me, myself and I.